Honda HR-V Mods UK

HR-V Mods

Our HR-V mods include headlight bulbs, lighting mods, hid kits, dashboard lighting, modifications including HIDs LEDs Bulbs spares and OEM parts as well as styling accessories from a UK Company.

HONDA HR-V LED Sidelight Bulbs 501 T10 W5W

HONDA HR-V Sidelight Bulbs available in Red, Green, Blue, White, Pink or Colour Change T10 / 501 / W5W

HR-V Side Indicator Bulbs Amber or White

HR-V LED Side Indicator Bulbs T10 / 501 / W5W (Sold in Pairs)

One pair of side indicator / repeater bulbs (amber coloured as standard - amber not available in Canbus) T10 / 501 / W5W style as pictured below - if in doubt please check your car has this type of bulb installed.

Honda HR-V Interior LED Bulb 36mm Festoon 239 | 272

Honda HR-V Interior LED Bulb 36mm festoon 239 available in Blue, Red, Green, White, Pink or Colour Changing, replaces 239 bulb

Honda HRV Rear Number Plate LED Bulb

Honda HR-V Rear Number Plate White LED Bulb, give your Honda HR-V a modern clean look with a pure white LED bulb upgrade, also available in Blue for Show and Offroad Use.

Day Run LED Lighting Strips 24cm

Our 24cm Day Run Light Strips are available in White, Red, Blue and Green. They are used for a variety of car lighting modifications such as around headlights, in grills, under fog lamps etc, but may also be used internally to light up footwells.

Honda HRV H1 55w Xenon Headlight bulbs Dipped / Main Beam

Honda HRV H1 55w Headlight bulbs with a 7500k Colour Temperature noticeable Blue Tint, replacement headlight bulb Used in the Main Beam Lights on this vehicle

1 Pair of Compact Bright 8x LED DRL Lights

1 Pair of Bright 8x LED DRL Lights - 11cm wide For an AMAZING modern look! 1 pair of 8x DRL Lights. They are fitted with an adjustable bracket and self adhesive pad for easy... READ MORE...

1 Pair of Ultra Bright 8x LED DRL Lights

1 Pair of Ultra Bright 8x LED DRL Lights - 17cm wide For an AMAZING modern look! 1 pair of 8x DRL Lights. They are fitted with an adjustable bracket... READ MORE...

LED Head Rest Light Green | Red | Blue

Add a fresh new and unique look to your cars interior, sitting snuggly between the seat and the head rest these lights illuminate both backwards and forwards in to the car.

Merc Style L Shaped Day Running Lights

Merc Style "L" Shaped Day Running Lights (DRL) These "L" Shaped DRL lights are fitted on the latest Mercs have caused a buzz across the scene making them an extremely popular mod and the... READ MORE...

H1 HID Conversion Kit

H1 HID Conversion Kit This kit will fit any H1 headlight / fog lights etc - Amazing colour temperatures available. The benefits of HID is the power, they light the... READ MORE...